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Main article: Education in the Australian Capital Territory

ANU School of Art (formerly the Canberra High School)

The two main tertiary institutions are the Australian National University (ANU) in Acton and the University of Canberra (UC) in Bruce, with over 10,500 and 8,000 full-time-equivalent students respectively. Established in 1946,[157] the ANU has always had a strong research focus and is ranked among the leading universities in the world and the best in Australia by The Times Higher Education Supplement and the Shanghai Jiao Tong World University Rankings. (Dell Latitude D420 battery) There are two religious university campuses in Canberra: Signadou in the northern suburb of Watson is a campus of the Australian Catholic University;[159] St Mark's Theological College in Barton is part of the secular Charles Sturt University.

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) and the Royal Military College, Duntroon are located in the inner-northern suburb of Campbell(Dell Latitude D430 battery). ADFA teaches military undergraduates and postgraduates and is a campus of the University of New South Wales; Duntroon provides Australian Army officer training.[165] Tertiary level vocational education is also available through the multi-campus Canberra Institute of Technology.[166]

In February 2004 there were 140 schools in Canberra; 96 were operated by the government and 44 were private. During 2006, the ACT Government announced closures of up to 39 schools, to take effect from the end of the school year(Dell Latitude D500 battery), and after a series of consultations unveiled its Towards 2020: Renewing Our Schools policy.[167] As a result, some schools closed during the 2006–08 period, while others were merged; the creation of combined primary and secondary government schools will proceed over the next decade. The new policy has provoked significant opposition. Most suburbs are planned to include a primary and a nearby preschool(Dell Latitude D505 battery); these are usually located near open areas where recreational and sporting activities are easily available.[171]

The National Museum of Australia established in 2001 records Australia's social history and is one of Canberra's more architecturally daring buildings.

The Shine Dome

Canberra is home to many national monuments and institutions such as the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Library,[103] the National Archives, (Dell Latitude D510 battery) the Australian Academy of Science,[173] the National Film and Sound Archive and the National Museum.[103] Many Commonwealth government buildings in Canberra are open to the public, including Parliament House, the High Court and the Royal Australian Mint.

Lake Burley Griffin is the site of the Captain James Cook Memorial and the National Carillon.[103] Other sites of interest include the Black Mountain Tower, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, the National Zoo and Aquarium(Dell Latitude D520 battery), the National Dinosaur Museum and Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre.

A copy of every book published in Australia is required by law to be held by the National Library of Australia.[178]

The Canberra Museum and Gallery in the city is a repository of local history and art.[179] Several historic homes are open to the public: Lanyon and Tuggeranong Homesteads in the Tuggeranong Valley, Mugga-Mugga in Symonston, (Dell Latitude D600 battery)and Blundells' Cottage in Parkes all display the lifestyle of the early European settlers. Calthorpes' House in Red Hill is a well preserved example of a 1920s house from Canberra's very early days. Canberra has many venues for live music and theatre: the Canberra Theatre and Playhouse which hosts many major concerts and productions; and Llewellyn Hall (within the ANU School of Music), a world-class concert hall are two of the most notable(Dell Latitude D610 battery). The Street Theatre is a venue with less mainstream offerings. The Albert Hall was the city's first performing arts venue, opened in 1928. It was the original performance venue for theatre groups such as the Canberra Repertory Society.[186]

Stonefest at the University of Canberra is a large two-day music festival. There are numerous bars and nightclubs which also offer live entertainment(Dell Latitude D620 battery), particularly concentrated in the areas of Dickson, Kingston and the city. Most town centres have facilities for a community theatre and a cinema, and they all have a library. Popular cultural events include the National Folk Festival, the Royal Canberra Show, the Summernats car festival, the Canberra Multicultural Festival in February and the Celebrate Canberra festival held over 10 days in March in conjunction with Canberra Day(Dell Latitude D630 battery).

Canberra–Nara park with Kasuga stone lanterns framed by the gate

Canberra maintains sister-city relationships with both Nara, Japan and Beijing, China. Canberra has friendship-city relationships with both Dili, East Timor and Hangzhou, China.[190] City-to-city relationships encourage communities and special interest groups both locally and abroad to engage in a wide range of exchange activities. The Canberra Nara Candle Festival held annually in spring, is a community celebration of the Canberra Nara Sister City relationship. (Dell Latitude D800 battery)The festival is held in Canberra Nara Park on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.


As Australia's capital, Canberra is the most important centre for much of Australia's political reportage and thus all the major media, including the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the commercial television networks, and the metropolitan newspapers maintain local bureaus. News organisations are represented in the "press gallery"(Dell Latitude D810 battery), a group of journalists who report on the national parliament. The National Press Club of Australia in Barton has regular television broadcasts of its lunches at which a prominent guest, typically a politician or other public figure, delivers a speech followed by a question-and-answer session.[194]

Canberra has a daily newspaper, The Canberra Times, which was established in 1926,[195] and some free weekly suburban and special interest publications, one of these being CityNews(Dell Latitude D820 battery).

Canberra has five free-to-air television stations (analogue and digital) including two government funded networks (ABC and SBS) and three commercial networks (Prime, WIN and Southern Cross Ten).[196] SBS offer digital high-definition simulcasts of their main channel on SBS HD. In addition to ABC1, SBS One, Prime Television, WIN Television and Southern Cross Ten(Dell Latitude D830 battery), these networks broadcast ten additional digital-only channels: 7Two on Prime, 7mate on Prime, GO!, GEM, ABC2, ABC3, ABC News 24, SBS Two, One HD and Eleven.

Prior to 1989, Canberra was serviced by just the ABC, SBS and Capital Television, which later became Southern Cross Ten, with Prime and WIN arriving as part of the Government's regional aggregation programme in that year.[197]

Subscription (pay) television services are available from Foxtel and local telecommunications company TransACT(Dell Latitude 2100 battery).

A number of community radio stations broadcast in Canberra, including 2XXfm, ArtSound FM, 1RPH and CMS Radio.[199] There are a number of commercial AM and FM radio stations including those belonging to the Capital Radio Network (2CA and 2CC), the Austereo/ARN owned 104.7 and Mix 106.3, and Raw FM.[199] Public radio broadcasters ABC and SBS operate a number of stations(Dell Latitude 2110 battery).


Main article: Sport in the Australian Capital Territory

A rugby league match at Canberra Stadium

In addition to local sporting leagues, Canberra has a number of sporting teams that compete in national and international competitions. The best known teams are the Canberra Raiders and the Brumbies who play rugby league and rugby union respectively; both have been champions of their leagues. Both teams play their home games at Canberra Stadium, (Dell Latitude E4300 battery)which is the city's largest stadium and was used to hold group matches in soccer for the 2000 Summer Olympics and in rugby union for the 2003 Rugby World Cup. The city also has a successful basketball team, the Canberra Capitals, which has won seven out of the last eleven national women's basketball titles.[207] Canberra United FC represents the city in the W-League, the national women's association football league, and were champions in the 2011-12 season. (Dell Vostro 1310 battery)

There are also teams that participate in national competitions in netball, field hockey, ice hockey, cricket and baseball. Manuka Oval is another large outdoor sporting facility where cricket and Australian Rules football are played. The Melbourne based AFL team the Kangaroos played some home games at Manuka Oval until July 2006(Dell Vostro 1320 battery). Following the move of the Kangaroos' alternative home ground to Carrara in Queensland, Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs will play home games at Manuka Oval from 2007 against the Sydney Swans.[210] Canberra is also home to the Barassi International Australian Football Youth Tournament. The historic Prime Minister's XI cricket match is played at Manuka Oval annually. Other significant annual sporting events include the Canberra Marathon(Dell Vostro 1510 battery) and the City of Canberra Half Ironman Triathlon. The Canberra Women's Tennis Classic was held in the lead up to the Australian Open until 2006.

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is located in the Canberra suburb of Bruce.[215] The AIS is a specialised educational and training institution providing coaching for elite junior and senior athletes in a number of sports. The AIS has been operating since 1981 and has achieved significant success in producing elite athletes, both local and international. (Dell Vostro 1520 battery)The majority of Australia's team members and medallists at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney were AIS graduates.[216]

Canberra has numerous sporting ovals, golf courses, skate parks, tennis courts and swimming pools that are open to the public. A Canberra-wide series of bicycle paths are available to cyclists for recreational and sporting purposes(Dell Vostro 2510 battery). Canberra Nature Parks have a large range of walking paths, horse and mountain bike trails. Water sports like sailing, rowing, dragon boating and water skiing are held on Canberra's lakes. The Rally of Canberra is an annual motor sport event and a facility for drag racing is currently being planned for construction.

Canberra has two large public hospitals, the approximately 600-bed Canberra Hospital—formerly the Woden Valley Hospital—in Garran and the 174-bed Calvary Public Hospital in Bruce(Dell Vostro 1014 battery). Both are teaching institutions. The largest private hospital is the Calvary John James Hospital in Deakin. Calvary Private Hospital in Bruce and Healthscope's National Capital Private Hospital in Garran are also major healthcare providers.

The Royal Canberra Hospital was located on Acton Peninsula on Lake Burley Griffin; it was closed in 1991 and was demolished in 1997 in a controversial and fatal implosion to facilitate construction of the National Museum of Australia(Dell Inspiron 1410 battery). The city has 10 aged care facilities. Canberra's hospitals receive emergency cases from throughout southern New South Wales,[228] and ACT Ambulance Service is one of four operational agencies of the ACT Emergency Services Authority.[229] NETS provides a dedicated ambulance service for inter-hospital transport of sick newborns within the ACT and into surrounding New South Wales.

Canberra Railway Station(Dell Vostro 1015 battery)

The automobile is by far the dominant form of transport in Canberra.[231] The city is laid out so that arterial roads connecting inhabited clusters run through undeveloped areas of open land or forest, which results in a low population density;[232] this also means that idle land is available for the development of future transport corridors if necessary without the need to build tunnels or acquire developed residential land(Dell Inspiron 1088 battery). In contrast, other capital cities in Australia have substantially less green space.

Canberra's districts are generally connected by parkways—limited access dual carriageway roads with speed limits generally set at a maximum of 100 km/h. An example is the Tuggeranong Parkway which links Canberra's CBD and Tuggeranong, and bypasses Weston Creek.[237] In most districts(SONY PCG-5G2L battery), discrete residential suburbs are bounded by main arterial roads with only a few residential linking in, to deter non-local traffic from cutting through areas of housing.[238]

ACTION, the government-operated bus service, provides public transport throughout the city.[239] Deane's Transit Group provides bus services between Canberra and nearby areas of New South Wales through their Transborder Express (Murrumbateman and Yass)[240] and Deane's Buslines (Queanbeyan) brands(SONY PCG-5G3L battery). In the 2006 census, 7.7% of the journeys to work involved a bus; with 7.4% walking or cycling to work. There are two local taxi companies. Aerial Capital Group enjoyed monopoly status until the arrival of Cabxpress in 2007.

An interstate CountryLink railway service connects Canberra to Sydney.[243] Canberra's railway station is in the inner south suburb of Kingston.[244] Between 1920 and 1922 the train line crossed the Molonglo River and ran as far north as the city centre(SONY PCG-5J1L battery), although the line was closed following major flooding and was never rebuilt, while plans for a line to Yass were abandoned. A 1067 mm gauge construction railway was built in 1923 between the Yarralumla brickworks and the provisional Parliament House; it was later extended to Civic, but the whole line was closed in May 1927. Train services to Melbourne are provided by way of a CountryLink bus service which connects with a rail service between Sydney and Melbourne in Yass, about one hour's drive from Canberra(SONY PCG-5J2L battery).

Plans to establish a very fast train like a TGV service between Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, have not been implemented, as the various proposals have been deemed economically unviable. The original plans for Canberra included proposals for railed transport within the city,[41] however none eventuated.[41] A railway connecting Canberra to Jervis Bay was also planned but never constructed(SONY PCG-5K2L battery).

Canberra is about three hours by road from Sydney on the Federal Highway (National Highway 23), which connects with the Hume Highway (National Highway 31) near Goulburn, and seven hours by road from Melbourne on the Barton Highway (National Highway 25), which joins the Hume Highway at Yass. It is a two hour drive on the Monaro Highway (National Highway 23) to the ski fields of the Snowy Mountains and the Kosciuszko National Park. (SONY PCG-5L1L battery)Batemans Bay, a popular holiday spot on the New South Wales coast, is also two hours away via the Kings Highway.

Canberra International Airport provides direct domestic services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, with connections to other domestic centres.[253] There are direct daily flights to Albury and Newcastle in New South Wales. No regular commercial international flights operate from the airport(SONY PCG-6S2L battery). Until 2003 the civilian airport shared runways with RAAF Base Fairbairn. In June of that year, the Air Force base was decommissioned and from that time the airport was fully under civilian control.[255] The Air Force still retains a presence at Fairbairn, which is a leased area in the North East precinct of the airport. The only active unit is No 34 Squadron, which is responsible for the operations of the airforce's (SONY PCG-6S3L battery)VIP transport aircraft which are used to transport Australian officials such as the Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, the Governor General, the leader of the opposition and high ranking defence force officers when travelling both internationally or within Australia. The Fairbairn area is also used by official aircraft carrying foreign heads of state or government when visiting Canberra(SONY PCG-6V1L battery).

Black Mountain communications tower also a landmark and tourist attraction.

The government-owned ACTEW Corporation manages Canberra's water and sewerage infrastructure. ActewAGL is a joint venture between ACTEW and AGL, and is the retail provider of Canberra's utility services including water, natural gas, electricity, and also some telecommunications services via a subsidiary TransACT(SONY PCG-6W1L battery).

Canberra's water is stored in four reservoirs, the Corin, Bendora and Cotter dams on the Cotter River and the Googong Dam on the Queanbeyan River. Although the Googong Dam is located in New South Wales, it is managed by the ACT government. ACTEW Corporation owns Canberra's two wastewater treatment plants, located at Fyshwick and on the lower reaches of the Molonglo River(SONY PCG-7111L battery).

Electricity for Canberra comes from the national power grid through substations at Holt and Fyshwick (via Queanbeyan).[262] Some limited local renewable power is produced via a hydro generator on the main water supply pipeline for Canberra at Mount Stromlo and methane plants at waste landfill sites at Belconnen and Mugga Lane. Power was first supplied from a plant built in 1913, near the Molonglo River(SONY PCG-71511M battery). The ACT has the highest rate of computer use and internet connection in Australia.

Suva is the capital and largest city of Fiji. It is located on the southeast coast of the island of Viti Levu, in the Central Division, Rewa Province. In 1877, it was decided to make Suva the capital of Fiji when the geography of former main European settlement at Levuka on the island of Ovalau proved too restrictive. The administration of the colony was moved from Levuka to Suva in 1882(SONY PCG-6W3L battery).

Suva is Fiji's political and administrative capital. It is the largest and the most sophisticated city in the South Pacific (excluding New Zealand) and has become an important regional centre; students from the Pacific region and a growing expatriate community make up a significant portion of the city's population(SONY PCG-7113L battery).

At the 2007 census the city of Suva had a population of 85,691.[1] Including independent suburbs, the population of the Greater Suva urban area was 172,399 at the 2007 census.[citation needed] Suva, along with the bordering cities of Lami, Nasinu, and Nausori have a total urban population of around 330,000, over a third of the nation's population. This urban complex is known also as the Suva-Nausori corridor (not including Lami) (SONY PCG-7133L battery).

Suva Central Business District in the 1950s

In return for a promise to pay off debts owed to the United States by the Bauan chieftain, Seru Epenisa Cakobau, the Australian-based Polynesia Company was granted 5000 km² of land, 575 km² of it near what was then the village of Suva, in 1868. The original intention was to develop a cotton farming industry, but the land and climate proved unsuitable(SONY PCG-7Z1L battery).

Following the annexation of the Fiji Islands by the United Kingdom in 1874, the colonial authorities decided to move the capital to Suva from Levuka in 1877. The transfer was made official in 1882. Colonel F.E. Pratt of the Royal Engineers was appointed Surveyor-General in 1875 and designed the new capital, assisted by W. Stephens and Colonel R.W. Stewart(SONY PCG-7Z2L battery) .

Following the promulgation of the Municipal Constitution Ordinance of 1909, Suva acquired municipal status in 1910. The town initially comprised one square mile; these boundaries remained intact until 1952 when the Muanikau and Samabula wards were annexed, expanding its territory to 13 square kilometers. In October that year, Suva was proclaimed a City - Fiji's first. Tamavua was subsequently annexed(SONY PCG-8Y1L battery); the most recent extension of the city boundaries has been to incorporate the Cunningham area to the north of the city. Urban sprawl has resulted in a number of suburbs that remain outside of the city limits; together with the city itself, they form a metropolitan area known as the Greater Suva Area(SONY PCG-8Y2L battery).

The city hosted the 2003 South Pacific Games, being the third time in the event's 40 year history that they had been held in Suva. As part of the hosting of the event a new gymnasium and indoor sports center, swimming pool and stadium, field hockey pitch and stands were built in the area around Suva, funded by the government and a $16 million People's Republic of China aid package(SONY PCG-8Z2L battery).

Satellite Image of Suva

Suva is the capital of Fiji and is a harbour city built on a peninsula reaching out into the sea. It has a mix of modern buildings and traditional colonial architecture.

The city is perched on a hilly peninsula between Laucala Bay and Suva Harbour in the southeast corner of Viti Levu. The mountains north and west catch the southeast trade winds, producing moist conditions year round(SONY PCG-8Z1L battery).

Suva is the commercial and political centre of Fiji, though not necessarily the cultural centre, and the largest urban area in the South Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand. It is Fiji's main port city.

Although Suva is on a peninsula, and almost surrounded by sea, the nearest beach is 40 kilometres (25 mi) away at Pacific Harbour, and the nearby coast is lined by mangroves. A significant part of the city centre, including the old Parliament Buildings, is built on reclaimed mangrove swamp(SONY PCG-7112L battery).

The Central Business District Encompasses an area known as the Central Ward and one of Suva's Six wards Central occupies close to the whole south-western side of the Suva Peninsula.

The city's Six Wards beginning from the City Centre itself, then North, then clockwise rotation.

Central - City centre, CBD, nucleus of the city.

Tamavua - Residential and urban area.

Cunningham - Semi-urban and residential area.

Nabua - Military base, Southern-Division Police Headquarters, urban, residential, separate town centre, and industrial zone(SONY PCG-6W2L battery).

Samabula - Urban, residential, separate town centre, university, and large industrial zones.

Muanikau - Residential, urban, large sporting venues, university, and recreational areas.

Suva features a tropical rainforest climate under the Köppen climate classification. The city sees a copious amount of precipitation during the course of the year(SONY PCG-5K1L battery). Suva averages 3,000 mm of precipitation annually with its driest month, July averaging 125 mm of rain per year. In fact, during all 12 months of the year, Suva receives substantial precipitation. Like many other cities with a tropical rainforest climate, temperatures are relatively constant throughout the year, with an average high of about 28°C and an average low of about 22°C(SONY VGP-BPS9/S battery).

Suva is noted for its considerable rainfall, it has a markedly higher rainfall than Nadi and the western side of Viti Levu, which is known to Suva citizens as "the burning west". The First Governor of Fiji, Sir Arthur Gordon, allegedly remarked that it rained in Suva like he had seen nowhere else before and that there was hardly a day without rain. The most copious rainfall is observed from November to May, while the slightly cooler months from June to October are considerably drier as well(SONY VGP-BPS9A battery).

Demographics of Suva

Suva is a multiracial and multicultural city. Indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians, the two principal ethnic groups of Fiji, comprise the bulk of Suva's population, but the city is also home to the majority of Fiji's ethnic minority populations, which include Caucasians (Europeans or Kaivalagi), Part-Europeans (of European and Fijian Descent), and Chinese, amongst others(SONY VGP-BPS9A/B battery). The majority of expatriates working in Fiji are also based in Suva. The most widely spoken language is English, but Fijian, Hindustani, Cantonese, and other Indian languages are also spoken by their respective communities.

Presidential Palace, Government House

Suva has municipal status and is governed by a Lord Mayor and a 20-member city council. The Suva City Council is the municipal law-making body of the city of Suva, Fiji's capital. It consists of 20 Councillors, elected for three-year terms from four multi-member constituencies called wards(SONY VGP-BPS9/B battery). Councillors, who are elected by residents, landowners, and representatives of corporations owning or occupying ratable property in Suva, elect a Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor from among their own members; they serve one-year terms and are eligible for re-election. However, The current interim-government has reformed and restructured all municipal councils as of October, 2008 and the position of Mayor is now void(SONY VGP-BPS9A/S battery). The position of Special administrator is currently in place, equivalent to that of mayor, but rather than elected, the administrator is selected by the Ministry of Local Government. Currently, Suva City's special administrator is Chandu Umaria, Former Lord Mayor and was responsible, in his term, for many of the city's beautification works.[2]

A well-known landmark is the Suva City Library or the Carnegie Library, built in 1909 as well as many other colonial buildings(SONY VGP-BPL9 battery).

The Government buildings complex sits on what was once the flowing waters of a creek. This was drained in 1935 and over five kilometres of reinforced concrete pilings were driven into the creek bed to support the massive buildings to be erected. After the foundation stone was laid in 1937, the building was completed in 1939; a new wing was completed in 1967. Parliament, however, was moved to a new complex on Ratu Sukuna Road in 1992(SONY VGP-BPS10 battery).

Government House was formerly the residence of Fiji's colonial Governors and, following independence in 1970, Governors-General. It is now the official residence of Fiji's President. Originally erected in 1882, it had to be rebuilt in 1928, following its destruction by lightning in 1921(SONY VGP-BPL10 battery).

The Suva campus of the University of the South Pacific (USP) occupies what was once a New Zealand military base. It is the largest of the many USP campuses dotted throughout the South Pacific and the largest University in the Pacific islands outside Hawai'i. It offers courses which are internationally recognized and endorsed(SONY VGP-BPS11 battery).

The Fiji Museum, located in Thurston Gardens, was founded in 1904 and originally occupied the old town hall, but moved to its present location in 1954. The museum houses the most extensive collection of Fijian artefacts in the world, and is also a research and educational institution, specializing in archaeology, the preservation of Fiji's oral tradition, and the publication of material on Fiji's language and culture(SONY VGP-BPL11 battery).

Suva has around 78 parks, these include the new Takashi Suzuki Garden, Apted Park at Suva Point which is a popular spot for viewing sunrise and sunset, Thurston Gardens which was opened in 1913 and has flora from throughout the South Pacific.

Suva also has many shopping and retail areas, notably Cumming street, which has since colonial times, been a vibrant and colourful shopping area. Features of these streets include the original colonial buildings and narrow roads. More modern shopping malls(SONY VGP-BPL12 battery), such as the Suva Central Shopping Mall, Mid-City Mall as well as MHCC are all part of the developments to give the city a modern and sophisticated look.

In December 2009, there was an addition to Suva's skyline with the opening of TappooCity valued at USD25.7 million (FJD50 million) a joint venture six storey low-rise building project by FNPF & Tappoo Group of Companies as Fiji's (and South Pacific's) largest department mall at present outside Australia & New Zealand(SONY VGP-BPS12 battery).

Construction work began in January 2011 for a FJD30 million mini-mall complex at Grantham Road behind the Sports-City Complex and close proximity to University of the South Pacific, which will house restaurants, retail outlets and cinemas. Although construction was scheduled for end 2011, this complex will now be ready mid-2012. (SONY VGP-BPS13 battery)

Tanoa Plaza, Gordon Street, Suva

Unlike most cities and towns in Fiji and indeed many around the world, Suva did not grow around one industry but has gradually developed as a hub and one of the largest cities in Oceania. Suva is the commercial centre of Fiji with most banks having their Pacific headquarters here, including ANZ and the Westpac Bank. Most national financial institutions, non-governmental organizations and government ministries and departments are also headquartered here(SONY VGP-BPS13Q battery). At one point both Air Pacific[4] and Air Fiji[5] were headquartered in Suva.

A large part of Fiji's international shipping is conducted at Suva's Kings Wharf as well as docking of international cruise ships, which has led to a growth in Suva's tourism industry. Many services are provided in Suva and is the basis of Suva's industrial and commercial activity.

There are also large industrial areas, (SONY VGP-BPS13A/Q battery) the largest being at Walu Bay, where there is a saturation of factories and warehouses and import and export companies. This area contains many shipyards for ship building and repairs as well as container yards. There is also a brewery and many printeries. Other notable industrial zones are located in Vatuwaqa, Raiwaqa and Laucala Beach(SONY VGP-BPS13B/Q battery).

There is also a large commercial and shopping scene in Suva with streets such as Cumming Street and Victoria Parade being popular. There are also many shopping complexes to visit and many markets.

Parks and gardens

Suva has a number of parks and a few gardens, Albert Park, in the City centre, famous as the stage for many national-historical events such as the Independence of Fiji, Landing by Kingsford Smith on the Southern Cross and many parades and carnivals(SONY VGP-BPS13/B battery). Sukuna Park, also in the CBD is a popular recreational park and has many performances and events on weekly schedules. The Thurston Gardens, is the city's main botanical garden and in it sits the Fiji Museum. Queen Elizabeth drive is also popular as a scenic walk along Suva's foreshore(SONY VGP-BPS13B/B battery).

Many concerts are held in Suva, some coming from other countries to enjoy world class performances that happen in the city. Concerts and shows are usually staged at one of the above mentioned venues on a monthly basis. Some of the famous music artists to hold shows in Suva include UB40, Lucky Dube, O'Yaba, Sean Kingston and many others(SONY VGP-BPS13A/S battery). Due to a favoured interests in Bollywood by all some prominent singers and actors have also held shows in the capital which includes singers like Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and movie artists like Shah Rukh Khan,[6] Priyanka Chopra,[7] Johnny Lever, Dino Morea, Rajpal Yadav and the like(SONY VGP-BPS21A/B battery).

Suva offers a varied and interesting culinary experience where almost every if not all major cuisines are represented. Particularly popular cuisines are Chinese, Indian, Fijian and Italian. Also at nights, especially on weekends, food stalls and outlets cater to the city's nightlife.

During the course of the year, various arts, music and trade festivals are held in Suva, albeit on a small scale(SONY VGP-BPS21B battery). There are a few large and notable festivals that occur annually and these include the Hibiscus Festival (Largest carnival in the south pacific islands), the New Years Street Party, and the 'Fiji Show Case' a tradeshow that includes carnival rides, food as well as magic and circus performances.

Suva has a vibrant nightlife where most nightclubs and bars open in the late afternoon and remain open till 5am. Suva's nightlife caters to all tastes(SONY VGP-BPS21 battery), moods and likes. Food stalls are also open throughout the night and the city is well policed during the night. Apart from nightclubs, there are also lounges and bars that cater to those seeking low-key entertainment

Suva has one main cinema complex, Village Six, owned by the Damodar Brothers, in downtown Suva. The Regal and Phoenix theatres, once prominent cinema/ theatre haunts before the new millennium owned by the Sharan Brothers, have since closed down(SONY VGP-BPS21/S battery).

Suva plays host to many Regional and National Sporting events. A special highlight is the Coca-Cola Games, the largest secondary school athletics meet in the world. The Capital City is represented in major sporting events by its respective rugby, netball and soccer teams.

Suva was the host of the first Pacific Games, in 1963. Forty years later in 2003 the Games returned to Fiji's capital(SONY VGP-BPS13S battery), with a full program of 32 sports introduced for the first time. Suva had also held the games for the second time in 1979. Having hosted the event three times, Suva have held the Pacific Games the more often than any other city.

Headquartered in Suva are the Two main National Television Stations, Fiji TV and MAI TV. Sky Pacific and Pacific Broadcasting Services Fiji are the two pay satellite television company headquartered here(SONY VGP-BPS13B/S battery). Suva is also home to the national radio stations Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) and Communications Fiji Limited (CFL). The two dailies, The Fiji Times and The Fiji Sun are also printed here.

Suva is one of the most shopper friendly cities in the Pacific. The city offers its shopping Paradise in a cluster that is referred to as Suva Central. Streets like Cumming street and Marks street for clothing, jewellery, food, electronics, pharmaceuticals and more(SONY VGP-BPS13B/G battery). Terry Walk and the Flea Market offer handicrafts and local ware. Close by, huge, new shopping complexes dominate the canal area, such as MHCC, Tappoo City and Suva Central. The general outer areas of this radius are telecommunication and electronic stores, tourist favourite - Jack's and sporting gear stores(SONY VGP-BPS14 battery).

Every year, Suva plays host to Fiji Fashion Week (FJFW) usually held in Albert Park on a week in late October. The shows offer the creations of local and overseas designers as well as shows focused on wearable art. In 2010, Fiji Fashion Week promises a bigger extravaganza with a Fashion Film Festival as well. FJFW 2010 is to be held at Boron House (A state Mansion) where the shows are to be broadcast internationally by world-renowned Fashion TV(SONY VGP-BPL14 battery).

Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral, Gordon Street, Suva

Nausori International Airport caters mainly to the domestic market,connecting Suva with Fiji's other international airport, Nadi International Airport, and also serves smaller international aircraft, at one time servicing Brisbane and Sydney routes. As of August 2010, Air Pacific will operate a twice weekly flight from Nausori International Airport to Auckland(SONY VGP-BPS14/B battery), New Zealand to complement its 13 weekly flights from Nadi to Auckland, furthermore, the Nausori - Sydney route is expected to resume in the later half of 2012. The airport also provides services to its immediate Pacific neighbours Tonga and Tuvalu as well as the dependency of Rotuma.

Suva also has a public transport system,consisting of buses and taxis servicing the metropolitan Suva area as well as the cities of Nasinu(SONY VGP-BPS14/S battery), Nausori and Lami town. There are also bus services connecting Suva with other towns and cities on Viti levu by way of either the Kings, Queens or Princess Highways, all originating within Suva, although the latter terminates at Rewa Bridge in Nausori. As of January 2012, a feasibility study is being conducted by JRK and Associates, in partnership with Canadian Company Hatch Mott McDonald(SONY VGP-BPS14B battery), to construct and operate a monorail train network from Suva, across the Suva - Nausori Corridor to ease congestion and traffic problems. The construction of the monorail system is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2013. Also for domestic ferry services from the Princess Wharf to the outer islands of Fiji as well as Vanua Levu. International Ships and Cruise Liners Dock at Suva's Kings Wharf(SONY VGP-BPS22 battery).

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